Urban Quarters No.6

Experience the charm of our fully equipped authentic apartments nestled in the heart of Pera, where Istiklal Street, Soho House, the prestigious Pera Museum, lively nightlife, and public transit options are only minutes away. Freshly brew your morning coffee in the comfort of your own apartment, chill on the large and cozy couch, cook your own meal in a full kitchen, or take a short trip to the ground floor for the most famous Italian pizzeria in the neighborhood. With our daily cleaning and attentive concierge services, we are dedicated to making your vacation truly unforgettable!

Details Matter

From authentic brick walls to French balcony, premium linens to island kitchen... You'll be pleasantly surprised by the array of unique touches carefully crafted by our professional team to make your stay extraordinary.
A Different Kind of Lobby
Pizzeria Pera